CV template: Teacher

If you’re looking to apply for a teaching job, you’ll be pleased to know that vacancies in the sector have risen by almost 24% over the last few years. What’s more, if you’ve spotted your perfect position amongst the adverts, you’ll need to get your teaching CV in great shape before you apply.

To help you out, we’ve worked with the experts at StandOut CV to craft a teaching CV template for you. Use it as a structural guide to ensure your CV is formatted correctly. But, don’t forget to give it a personal spin and tailor it to each job you’re applying for. Prospective employers want to get to know you and why you’re suitable for the job, so a generic carbon copy is not going to cut it.

Download teacher CV template

Make your teaching experience clear

The experience section of your CV is more than just a comprehensive list of your school, position, pay grade and responsibilities. Yes, your duties are important, but prospective employers are also looking out for your achievements and the ways you made a difference.

Highlight your different traits and any key successes in addition to your day-to-day tasks to make your value clear. This will help place you ahead of the competition.

Utilise keywords

Including industry terminology in your CV will not only convey your experience and ability to the reader, it will also help your application pass the applicant tracking systems (ATSs).

Go through the job description and identify the most valued keywords and phrases. For example, ‘qualified teacher’, ‘curriculum design’ and ‘classroom management’. Insert the terms throughout your CV to show that your abilities line up with the requirements of the role. Don’t overdo it though. Your CV still needs to read naturally.

Get your formatting spot on

While the content of your CV will be tailored towards a teaching job, the formatting should be no different to any other CV.

The document should fit two A4 pages comfortably. If you’re struggling for space, consider altering the font size or page margins. However, be sure to maintain a balance of white space and text. For a professional look, justify the text and keep your formatting consistent throughout.

As your application will most likely be read in a digital format, choose a sans serif font, like Arial or Calibri, and mark each section of your CV with big, bold headings. This will make your CV easily digestible.

Download teacher CV template