6 important skills for your teaching CV

If you’re hopeful of landing a top teaching role, one thing you will need is a teaching CV that catches the attention of school staff and recruiters. Your CV will need to look flawlessly professional to stand out above the competition. But, it will also need to show just how suited you are to teaching roles.

So, ensuring that you incorporate the following teaching skills into your CV will give you the best chance of wowing recruiters and landing interviews at leading educational establishments.

Classroom management

Effective learning relies on a classroom of well-behaved children who are being properly managed. So, your teaching CV should highlight specific examples of how you achieve this. You will need to demonstrate the strategies and behaviour management tactics that you use to help you deliver a lesson that captivate students and delivers the content in a structured manner, aiding engaged learning.

You should also show that you are equipped to deal with a wide variety of students and environments and as such, can adapt your management style accordingly.


Long and short-term planning is vital to success in a teaching role. It ensures that students have a defined means of reaching their educational goals. To demonstrate your planning abilities in your teaching CV, you must provide solid examples of both your lesson planning and long-term planning for your students.

Show recruiters and potential employers how much time and effort you dedicate to your planning. Exhibit the methods you utilise, and detail other staff members you might interact with during the process to aid your success.

Performance monitoring

Meticulous planning and perfect lesson delivery are great, but without proper performance monitoring, you won’t know if your teaching has been effective. As a good teacher, your teaching CV should contain plenty of examples of performance monitoring through exams, assessments and marking.

This is also great for including some of the results you have been helping your students to achieve. You could also highlight areas of bad performance and show what measures you have put in place to improve them.

Parent relationships

Outside of the classroom, teachers have an obligation to build strong relationships with parents and guardians. You’ll need to encourage a supportive home-learning environment and help parents to become more involved in their children’s education.

As such, your CV role descriptions should include some mentions of your approach to parent meetings. For example, parents evenings and disciplinary occasions. It should also showcase your overall attitude towards parent-teacher relations.

Safeguarding and welfare

In any role that involves working with children, the safety and welfare of those children should be paramount. Although your teaching CV will focus on your ability to educate your pupils, it should also show readers that you have the knowledge and skills to look after the children in your care.

Proving yourself as a vigilant carer who can identify concerns about child welfare and handle them effectively to ensure children are protected from any potentially unsafe situations, should be an important factor in your CV.

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