Rate Card
Single job vacancy - £99.00 to include company logo with embedded hyperlink 

Unlimited job vacancies Plan- Please contact our Team - For Recruiters with ‘Unlimited job vacancies’ they will receive discounted rates for any banner placed to run concurrently alongside their advertising.

Additonal features include:

 Currently Recruiting button
 Employer of the month
 Featured Job Listing
  Rotating banner with embedded hyperlink pointing to a web page of your choice 

Banner size: 468x 60 pixels and will appear on every page throughout the site.

(For additional months, discount will be applied)  
Searchable CV Database
Rates above are for advertising online for a period of 30 days, or until your closing date.
* Candidate promise - Any advert that does not find a suitable candidate can be run again on Education-jobs for free.
* Advert copy should be supplied in a word docuement, with the accompanying logo in a GIF, JPEG or PNG format.  
Agency Commission: Please refer to BRAD for agency discount information